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Earn Money Online Without Investment


Paid to click (PTC) is an online business model that draws online traffic from people aiming to earn money from home. This is the easiest way to earn online without investment. In PTC jobs you can earn by clicking ads or links provided by the PTC sites.

PTC jobs are also called as Ad clicking jobs

There are some websites in the internet that offer this business model. These websites act as middlemen between advertisers (people who wants to promote their product) and consumers (people who wants to earn by clicking ads). Web marketers or online business promoters need immediate huge traffic for their online business websites. They pay a huge amount to these PTC sites to buy traffic. These sites in turn place those ad links in your account page daily to click, view and earn money.

Working in these sites does not require any technical skills or language skills and any person with basic computer knowledge can start working this method from their home.

Choose Paid-To-Click sites wisely

Choosing the right PTC sites is vital, if you want to succeed in making a profit. There are a few important things that you can easily check about a PTC website. You can investigate about the site’s reputation by searching in Google. It is useful to check the reputation of the site’s administrator and what his/her background is. In the forums you can form a good picture of the site by reading other people comments / complaints, find payment proof and of course checking for the admins attendance. Other good ways to check if a PTC site is legit are to look for missing parameters in the TOS (Terms of Service), years of activity, unprofessional design, unreal earning possibilities etc.

Best and Most Trusted PTC Sites 2017

Best PTC Sites 2017
Most Trusted and Legit PTC Sites | PTC Monitor

These are the Best PTC Sites of 2017 who are well known for their stability, reliability and profitability. There so many Scam PTC Sites out there so we only recommend to join these Genuine Top Paying PTC Sites who have passed the test of time.

How to earn money from PTC sites?

You should have a Personal Computer or Laptop with unique internet connection. First you have to register a free membership account.

Register only one account per computer per internet connection

After successful registration, login to your account and go to View Advertisement Section. In that page you will see the list of available ads to watch. Just click one link at a time and it will be opened in a new browser. You should stay on that page at least for 5 seconds. Advertisers spend money to make their customers to watch, know or buy their products. Once you got the reply from the browser, close the AD Window and come back to the advertisement page and view next ad. Repeat this process until watching all available advertisements. It hardly takes 3 – 5 minutes to work daily in one PTC website.


PTC sites offer referral program to involve user engagement and also you will get paid X % for all the income of your referrals for life time.

  • Direct referrals are the people who joined using your referral link
  • Rented referrals are the people who was assigned in your downline as referrals by the PTC site for a certain period of time. You have to pay some compensation for renting referrals.

Success Tips

  • Join many PTC websites.
  • Use same username and different passwords for PTC sites.
  • Be careful not to rush in making investments in PTC sites without being familiar with their mechanics or without having proof that they are legitimate.
  • Make as a habit of logging in daily and watch all available ads.
  • Keep updated with their TOS and stay aware of their new programs.
  • Concentrate more on getting direct referrals or build a strategy of renting referrals.